Apply Bollywood Work Permit Online

Once you have submitted your application, we will send you the soft copy within 1 hour of receiving it.

It is expected that you will receive your hard copy membership card within one week from the date you have requested. In order to make sure that you receive it on time, it will be sent by courier.

Regular Membership 2500/-

Premium Membership - 5000/-

1 – private panel for audition details Free

2 – audition app subscription Free

Life Time Membership 7500/-

1 – private panel for audition details Free

2 – audition app subscription Free

3 – Film India Contact Directory Free

Why Do You Need to Join Cinema Union :

It is essential to have an Cinema Union member since it provides protection for an artist’s main needs like payments, working hours, etc. There are authentic organizations that make these cards when a large production house requires an extensive number of junior artists. Let’s note the other reasons for an artist card:

  • For more junior artists who do not have any professional training or who do not have any ambitions to become the next superstar in the near future, this card may be particularly useful. Generally, they don’t have dialogues, or maybe just one or two. They may come from a community that sees acting as just a job to earn daily bread n butter rather than an actual art.
  • You can appeal to the union if you are a registered junior artist with an artist card. If a casting director asks you to do overtime without a valid overtime request, then this is what happens.
  • An actor with an artist card and professionally trained may have a better chance than an artist with a union card holder.
  • Your progress will be accelerated due to the fact that it acts as a positive catalyst.
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